Wallpaper Dreaming – A Round Up of the Best Black and White Wallpapers

Wallpaper Dreaming – A Round Up of the Best Black and White Wallpapers

I’ll admit it, I may have a small love affair with black and white wallpapers at the moment. I’m not sure when it started, but it’s going strong and I think its the way I want to go for the downstairs loo.

Pretty much my dream bathroom setup – Image Credit: York Wallcoverings

We have a nice blank space and I think an impact wallpaper floor to ceiling with our high Victorian ceilings will just look amazing, so as I’ve been hunting high and low and I thought I’d share my findings with you lovely lot.

Some of these wallpapers are affiliate links too, which just means if you love them as much as I do and end up buying one from my link I get a little bit of money from the company for making the intro – a winner all round if you ask me.

I think a downstairs toilet is always a room you can have a bit of fun with, it’s relatively small, we have good lighting and you don’t spend hours in there (well some of us don’t!), so going a little bit wild on the walls is a great idea, our loo in our previous house was a really bright teal – I wish I had a picture to show you, but it was pre-I’m obsessed with taking pictures of my interiors era!

This temporary wallpaper from Etsy pared with the wood is divine! Image Credit: Betapet @ Etsy

So let’s hop to it. I’ve done A LOT of googling on wallpapers and have consistently come back to Wallpaper Direct, they seem to have a massive range and cover a really wide range of price points – ticking all my boxes, I’m yet to order any actual wallpapers beyond samples (which are free by the way for your first two), but when we inevitably do (nudge nudge Rach), I will let you know.

Here are 8 of my favourites below (and don’t ask why its 8 – I just found 8 that I like and thought lets roll with what works Annika);

Circuit from Albany Symmetry

I love the art deco feel of this paper and could see it really lengthening the room height (not like it really needs it but hey, can’t hurt), I currently have a sample of this one up in the loo and Rach is not convinced as yet, but I’m figuring it the longer I leave it…..

Osterbro from Sandberg Rand

I absolutely adore this one, there is something so luxurious about it and its really bold – but there is a catch. This is from the mural collection, making it a cool £386 per roll – not even close to budget! But it’s nice to look at every now and then!

What do you think to my thoughts then – is it too wild for your taste, or are you totally on board with a bold toilet?!

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