Vero – The Rise of Truth in Social Media?

Vero – The Rise of Truth in Social Media?

If you haven’t been on Instagram today, then you might not have noticed the buzz that is slowly becoming a crescendo around the new app on the scene – Vero.

When I say new, it’s been around a couple of years, but now it is off, off and away. Appearing in news articles from Forbes to The Independent this weekend, it has arrived.

So what is it – and why the hell do we care?

Lets start with the name; Vero directly translates from Truth, and that is what they are marketing themselves as – True Social. They seem to be hankering after a time when it wasn’t about how well you played at the game, but just that you played for fun.

There are no algorithms to get your head around, you don’t have to figure out if you’ve been shadow banned for using a common hashtag, you won’t get bonus points for working out the best time of day to post and making sure your engagement is high by liking and commenting on other peoples posts.

There are no adverts – not a one, and that is something the developers are really hot on, this is real life and real things you have chosen to look at, not something forced down your throat by an advertising agency and some number crunchers somewhere.

And – IT’S CHRONOLOGICAL! Yep you heard me, no more getting 6 day old photos from accounts, its real life, in real time – just like our old faithful friend Instagram used to be before all the robots got involved and messed it up for us.

If, like me, you’ve been getting pretty pissed off with Instagram of late and all those games it keeps playing with you, my favorite being only showing your pics to a small sector of your followers before deciding if they liked it, then you can get released to the big bad world, then Vero might just be your answer.

No don’t expect everyone to drop Instagram like a soggy sandwich, there are many reasons why it’s our one and only. For example, there’s no Stories feature on Vero, the creators say they want it to be a permanent record to always look back on – and I do love me a stories. There is also having to build up your base again, people are slowly dripping over to it, but not everyone is there, its buggy and slow and will take time to really bed in – if it can stand the test of time.

So What Do We Know

Your Feed

As mentioned, it is chronological, like the good old days, and its not full of adverts, and there are no algorithms to work your head around – sounds kinda fun so far. Vero has a black background so visually whilst it looks like Instagram in that you are scrolling pictures, it feels different. You can write captions and hashtag away, and you can “heart” peoples pictures and comment, with the number of each of these displayed by a little icon beneath the post.

Creating a Post

Now here is where it gets a little different. Vero isn’t just for pictures – its about sharing life and so whilst you can share a picture or video (there is a 5 minute limit on the videos), you can link to a bunch of other items as well.

The Create Post Page and all its options

You can share a link straight to a webpage or product (great for bloggers, businesses and the like), share what music you are listing to or recommend a track, same with movies or TV shows, books or even places. This makes it a bit more personalised, and builds up a real picture of who you are as a person, and these are sorted into handy categories on your profile called collections.

Web Links

Another big change for Vero is that it opens all links within Vero, and seamlessly so. It displays web pages, articles, shops, all without having to leave the app its-self. A big plus for people trying to drive traffic to their web pages. And whilst I haven’t tried this out yet, I do believe you can buy items (music etc) directly through the app, with a portion of the sale going to Vero – and that is how they plan to stay advert free forever.

So Should I get Vero?

I’m pretty sure there are many more features Vero has to offer, but to be quite honest I’ve only being playing around with for a day, if you liked this then I could always do a follow up with some more tips and tricks – lets see how it goes folks.

Is Vero for you? If you’ve been getting slowly hacked off with the corporate takeover of other social media platforms and fancy giving something else a try – then why the hell not. It’s not going to eclipse Instagram in a day or even a week, but I can see it running side by side, giving a different side to social media.

If you’re into design and interiors there have already been some big players setting up on the app, with Sarah Akwisombe, Lisa Dawson and Kimberly Duran of SwoonWorthy all joining in the last two days.

What have you got to lose – come on in, give it a try and find me and come and say hi while you’re there.




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