Small Bathroom Master Plans – A Monochromatic Dream

Small Bathroom Master Plans – A Monochromatic Dream

So we are having a switch up.

I know, I know, I said we were doing the Master Bedroom next, I even mood boarded it here and bought the tester paints – all just to tease you!

The thing is with life, it throws you curve balls, that’s what it likes to do. So instead of dropping all these metaphorical balls, we just threw some in a basket to the side and picked up some others. In our case, Rach has to have a small operation which will put her out of action for a bit, and you’re mad if you think I’m wallpaper stripping an entire master bedroom whilst she sits there in a chair and shouts out orders to me. So we’ve decided to switch up the order and, small bathroom – you’re up!

One of the main reasons the bathroom is an easy job is that it will probably take me a weekend to strip the whole thing out, which call me sad, is one of my favourite things, nothing is more satisfying then smashing tiles – free therapy people. But since we are going for an entirely tiled bathroom, I can handover the project to our plumber/tiler/general amazing magic person and he will do all the hard work – perfect.

So a little about the room in question; it isn’t our master bathroom, as we have already completed that one (I promise I will do a post on that one soon), this is a smaller room on the back of the house, that has normal height ceilings. By normal, I mean average, not your Victorian grand 12 foot numbers, both this and the study have low ceilings, so I can only imagine it was some sort of servants/maids quarters and they didn’t think they deserved a lovely lofty ceiling.

It currently houses a shower, a bath, a sink and a radiator, and rows of tiles that have bin bags gaffa taped over them to stop them falling off – glamorous. Oh and as I type it is full of stuff that is due to go to a massive car boot, that we will get to, soon, I promise.

So enough about its current sorry state, what are we going to turn it into? Well, I’m going monochrome again folks. There is just something about a fresh and clean black and white palate that makes me happy – check it out;

Metro Tiles picture via Topps Tiles website | Large mirror via

We took the bath out in the other room to make space for a double shower, so in this room we are removing the corner shower and installing a black roll top bath centrally along the wall. If we had kids then it would probably be useful to put in two showers, but as it stands, the cat hates showers, so I think we are safe.

I plan on putting the small hexagon white tiles along the floor with grey grout, and then three walls in the flat matt white metro tiles, but in the herringbone pattern to contrast with the floor. The window wall, which you face as you walk in the door is going to be covered in these beautiful London Funk Compass tiles from Baked Tiles which I totally fell in love with and got the sign off from the wife for as well (this is always worth a celebration as many suggestions don’t make the cut).

In an ideal world, I could have had gold taps and accessories, but that was big no as Rach thinks it is just a fashion fad and will date the bathroom quickly (she may be right but they are oh so pretty).

Add a sink, and a black radiator and then a huge statement mirror behind the bath – and that’s it – room complete.

Sounds so easy doesn’t it – now pass me the sledge hammer……

What do you think to my plans, should Rach have let me have the gold accessories? Would you mix three types of tile in one bathroom?

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