Plans for the Master Bedroom – Blue & Grey All The Way

Plans for the Master Bedroom – Blue & Grey All The Way

Keeping to schedule and my 2018 Goals (if you haven’t read them, you can here), the Master Bedroom is next on the list to renovate, and to be honest I AM SO FRICKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

I’m not so excited about having to live in the room with brown carpets and floral striped wallpaper whilst we do it, or the thought of stripping allllll the wallpaper (which thank Cheesus is not woodchip in this room), but I am excited for making a space for us, a real sanctuary, somewhere I can wake up in the morning, hear the birds cheeping and feel like I’m in a Disney movie.

So I thought it only fair to share my ideas with you lovely people, as pretty much all of them have been given the green light by Her Royal Highness Miss Rachel of Practicalness (I slowly drip feed her my ideas over a long period and use lots of pictures and I usually get my way).

The Mood Board

Having never been brilliant and getting all my ideas in one place apart from Pinterest (you can check me out here) and trying my hand at Mood Boards and never making it look very pulled together previously, I read this ace blog post by firm favourite Lisa Dawson snappily called How to Mood Board and it really helped, and here we stand today.

The moody, warm but fresh feel is what I’m aiming for.

Colour Detail

I’m looking at F&B Hague Blue for the entire back wall, including the old chimney breast, and then the other three walls in F&B Lamp Room Gray (of course we will have these colour matched by Johnstone’s paints, I talk about it in more detail here).

In this room, we are going to paint the picture rail in the same colour as the wall, and above it all the way to the ceiling, and then continue the Lamp Room Gray onto the ceiling – this is the plan as long as it doesn’t look too dark. Ceiling rose to be standard white to let it stand out like the beautiful thing it is.

I ummed and ahh’d over what colours to paint the skirting, door frame and window frame for a while, being stuck with keeping consistancy and flowing it all down in the grey, or statement edges by doing it in the navy. After seeing Alex at The Frugality paint her master bedroom skirtings in a dark colour to contrast with light walls I was sold – dark it is!


I want to use the same flooring as we have used in the two main rooms downstairs and the master bathroom, I think this keeps a sense of continuity throughout the house. We had looked at carpet initially for the squishy factor, but after living with carpet for the last year it is safe to say I hate it in the bedroom – it is so hard to hoover and I have really thick hair that likes to moult all the time, so a statement rug is for me.

The Acova from Screw Fix in Volcanic



We plan on removing the two existing radiators and putting one larger column radiator back, we use the Acova range from Screw Fix and they have been brilliant, this time I’ve got permission to splurge on the Volcanic (black) radiator, which is just dreamy, and yes I am excited about a radiator.


Soft Furnishings

I still haven’t found a bed that we both love, but we know what we are looking for and so it’s just a case of keeping an eye out now. I’m looking forward to getting some new bedding because nothing is nicer than fresh soft sheets.

I also want some form of sideboard, I really like the old style apothecary wooden ones with draws, and my current crush is this one from the Cotswold Company, we aren’t having any wardrobes as one of our spare rooms will be a dressing room (eventually).

And then is some form of chair for the corner, still loving the blush pink from, and despite Rach vetoing it for the lounge I am trying again for the bedroom! This will mainly be used to store clothes on until I can be bothered to put them all away if I’m perfectly honest.

Add in some plants, and some accessories and voila, one bedroom makeover. Now where did I put the wallpaper steamer….

What do you think to the plans? Should Rach let me have the blush pink chair? And what’s the one thing you can’t wait to get started on in your home?

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