Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

Are you a fan of everything in threes?

If so, you may have just loved our old living room – blue walls, blue carpet and blue curtains – what more could you ask for?


Before: Such a beautiful bay window – not such beautiful pelmets and ankle swinging curtains!

I know, I know, you’re just scrolling down so you can hit the after shots, but take a moment to take in just how good the blue looked before…


Before: Major fireplace potential, and a marble hearth – yes please!

I couldn’t wait to get rid of that carpet – it was stained, and smelt like old people and there was just no need for it.


During: The sheer elation felt at ripping down those old curtains was immense

We returned the crown moulding and picture rails back to a matt white from a high gloss grey, a process I wish that took us as long as at it was to type that sentence, but sadly no. Sanding, wiping down and a thorough priming is essential if you want to get your paint to stay in place over a nasty high shine gloss. One layer of Zinsser BIN and three more of matt white, and trust me, you will be intimate with your moulding and know it like the back of your hand.

Like every renovation project, nothing was smooth. Half of the ceiling fell in over the bay window, we had to deal with where the shower above had soaked the plaster and come through the lounge ceiling, as well as other large cracks – she is over 140 years old though, give a girl a break.


We seem to have a thing with collecting ladders in our house

It took me FOREVER to pick the colour for the walls in here, Rach will attest to this, as I knew I wanted grey, but was terrified of making such a large room feel cold. After loving the navy blue we had done next door, we decided that it was just meant to be dark, so out came the Farrow and Ball colour cards. Whilst I love their shades for the heritage feel, I do not love the price tag one bit. Add to that the reviews I’d seen so far (sorry F&B) that were not so sunny on the durability front, and the one thing I am guaranteed to do, is to walk into walls – don’t ask, it’s just a talent I have (I know you’re jealous), we decided we needed to find an alternative that fit the bill, literally.

Cue Rach’s amazing skill for internet research and we settled on Johnstone’s Trade colour match. We matched to Moles Breath in flat matt and I love it – decision well made, see what you think.

2018-01-07 14.27.58-1

After: Snuggling up on the sofa with a film is a firm favourite of mine!

The carpet was ripped up and due to a 4ft suspended floor and some previously butchered floor boards (seriously who does that to original features?!), we decided to go with the same flooring as we had used in the Blue Room (formally the red room), next door, to keep a sense of continuity.

2018-01-07 14.26.41

After: A much better flooring option than the previous carpets

We finished just in time for Christmas and the room was so cosy with the tree and all the fairy lights we never wanted to leave!

Our sideboard and TV unit finally arrived in January and I feel like we have all the key pieces in place. We still need some more accessories and greenery, but I like to find things like that as we’re out and about on our travels.

Styling this sideboard has become my latest obsession

What do you think, would you have gone brave and gone for the dark walls, could you have lived with that blue carpet?!

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