How to Master Instagram – The Victorian Adventure Way

How to Master Instagram – The Victorian Adventure Way

The Victorian Adventure has been live on Instagram for just over a year now, and in that time I have learnt a thing or two about that wonderful platform we call home. So lets dive right in and see just some of the things I picked up along the way;

It’s a Lot Harder Than It Looks

I thought I would just be snapping shots left right and centre for the account like I had on my personal one, but I found I was quite quickly proud of my craft and so I didn’t want rubbish quality photos. This has lead me down rabbit holes of learning how to use my iPhone camera better, how to edit without that lovely yellow effect, learning when to post and trying to get your head around the algorithm.

Daylight is Hard to Get Your Hands On

As someone who works 8-5 Monday to Friday, being at home with daylight to take pictures is harder than you think! And natural daylight is what you need if you don’t want your picture to turn out like a grainy orangey glowing mess, which trust me, I have done many a time. Need proof, check out these early shots, complete with over editing and that yellow hue I was talking about;

Let Go of the Likes

As someone who has never been fussed by social congratulations it was odd when pictures would do well and you would see all the likes coming in. As much as you wanted to be non-plussed about it, you can’t deny it – it makes you feel good.

Chasing this high is what is dangerous though, and getting to a point where you post for yourself is a much healthier place than posting and getting upset when the algorithm screws your life and you get 25 likes (ahem).

It was when I realised people were getting more and more upset on their stories about their engagement dropping and people not seeing their pictures, and then blog posts on how to boost your engagement, that maybe it had gone too far. I understand if this is your living, your livelihood, you are a small business or a full time blogger – but I’m not. I started this to journal our works and enjoy it – and I think that’s something you’ve got to remember. My general moto in life is – if you don’t like it, don’t do it. So I’m back to posting when I want, and screw how many likes it gets, they are just an added bonus to me.

There is SO Much Inspiration Out There

Having played around with interiors in our old house, but never boldly, and always using Pinterest for inspo and finding it all a bit American, Instagrams interiors scene was like a breath of fresh air – and it opened my eyes to a whole side of interiors I had never even knew existed before. I feel that my choices in our home have become bolder as a result and I’m really starting to find my style, although this definitely a work in progress.

People are Incredible

Most of the people I follow on Instagram are just that, people, not giant businesses. There are full time mums who love to do interiors on the side, there are incredible DIYers who will turn their hands to anything, there are people who quit their jobs and now work full time blogging and holding interior workshops. And the great thing about these people is they just did it – most have no formal qualifications or training, but they love what they do and that really shows through everything they post.

Things Really Do Get Better

Flicking back through my old pictures and seeing the peach mess that was our bathroom (above if you really needed a reminder!) and then seeing it now (below), really drives me onward to get the rest of the house done – and I love seeing everything documented in pictures – which is why I started this in the first place!

What have you learnt from your Instagram journey? Have you fancied doing it but not taken the plunge yet? Let me know.

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