Getting to Know You – A Little Bit About Me

Getting to Know You – A Little Bit About Me

Hey there, I figured since we were spending some time together, you should probably get to know a little more about me – you lucky people!

The Team

We are made up of me (Annika) – experimental blogger, photographer, chief Instagram faffer, paint colour picker, swooner of far to expensive items on the internet.

Rach – realist, planner, researcher extraordinaire, amazing grafter, person who somehow doesn’t kill me when I change my mind, twice, ok three times.

Mowgli Bear – chief mouser, photo-bomber, fan favourite on Insta-Stories, far to cute for his own doing.

Rach and I have been together for seven years, and we got married last July (2017), we have just come back from our Honeymoon which was three weeks of amazing adventures that we bored you to death with on Stories.

I Love Being Outdoors

Doing anything to be honest, walking, climbing, hiking, picnics, the more fresh air I get the nicer human I am – its magic.

I Don’t Like Hot Drinks

You won’t catch any blogger style shots of pretty coffee over here or a Starbucks cup selfie – I just don’t like coffee, never have. I will drink about 1 cup of tea a year if I’m cold though. What I am up for is hot chocolate, with marshmallows and whipped cream – always there for that bad boy! Most people think I’m a little odd for this one, especially with the rise of “fashion coffee” but what can I say, I was made to break the mould.


I absolutely adore singing, top of my lungs, belting it out style singing. In the car, in the shower, always whilst doing any form of housework and definitely whilst renovating. One small point to note is that I’m absolutely awful at it. This isn’t one of those false modesty posts, I know I’m bad, but I also don’t care – it brings me joy and thankfully Rach thinks its “cute” (read she is tone deaf..).


I’ve played rugby since I was 16 and it’s always been a big part of my life, Rach and I actually met when we joined the same team, so it’s been pretty useful! I’m looking to retire this year, as at 31 – I’m just to darn old to be hit by 18 year old sprinters on a Sunday morning in the freezing mud and rain. I’m looking at taking up either Yoga or rowing as we live near the river – I’m open to suggestions or tips though – anyone?I Do Not Understand Hints

I’m not the most subtle of  people and hints just wash over my head. Frequent conversation in our house:

Rach “I’d love a cup of coffee right now”

Me “Oh that’s nice for you”

Rach “Could you make me a cup of coffee?”

Me “Sure, course I can!”

So if you want something, shout up, as I’m never going to get your point if you keep skirting around it!

To Travel is to Live 

You might be mistaken when looking at our house that we are DIY and interiors obsessed, but to be honest that’s a pretty new addition. Our main love is travel, anywhere, everywhere and always. It is one of the main reasons we work to such a tight budget on our house because this wonderin’ heart needs to roam! I’ve previously lived in Australia for 6 months and Rach and I also spent 6 months travelling around 9 different countries in South East Asia – so if you need some inspiration hit me up! Our latest adventure was our Honeymoon which was Guatemala, Costa Rica & New Orleans.

So there you have it, that’s me and the team in a nutshell. If you’ve got any questions fell free to leave me a comment or drop me a line – I’ll do my best to be honest.


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