Coffee Table Books – The Best of Black, White & Blush

Coffee Table Books – The Best of Black, White & Blush

So you’re looking for coffee table books, and like,me, these aren’t for everyday reading – they are to match the decor, obviously.

Except Amazon won’t let you sort the books by colour (why the hell not, you are missing a trick here Amazon!), and half of the books don’t show the spine colour, which is obviously the most important when displaying the books and then you fall down a rabbit hole of Googling and please God won’t someone make this whole process easier!

Well here I am, you’re very own book fairy, if you are looking for anything white, black or blush that is, and a sprinkling of gold for good measure, as I figured I might as well share my finding with you lovely lot.

These are books I’ve found that, 1 – Match the theme I’m looking for and 2 – Are things that I’m interested in having round the house, no use having a book on trains, so you will see the obvious, interiors, and then some photography, fashion, and a smattering of female empowerment.

All the links above are to Amazon, not that I’m sponsored, and they may not necessarily be the cheapest, but that’s where I found everything!

I’ve seen some amazing pro’s style with books and have just started dipping my toes in, and it is quickly becoming an obsession.

I have now used books to successfully hide the router (because they are just so ugly – why??) and keep moving them around the lounge to prop up various different items, like my new plant below.

Elements of Style is one of my favourites just for the stripy spine!

That’s the beauty of a good coffee table book, you can use it anywhere and they are great for adding a bit of height to a display, or some interesting focal points, and I love stacking them as well as standing.

Do let me know if you’ve come across any gorgeous coffee table books, I’d love to add more to my collection (read obsession)…!



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