Bringing the Fireplace Back to Life

Bringing the Fireplace Back to Life

I love me a good fireplace, I mean who doesn’t love a rip roaring fire, loads of candles twinkling, melting marshmallows, and cooking your own toast (not together obviously, but life is about balance), all whilst cuddled up with your someone special.

The fireplace in our living room is a whopper with a grey marble hearth, and the house came complete with a big fire-basket that just needed a bit of TLC, alright the entire fire needed some TLC.

Before: Can’t you you smell the potential in this bad boy??

After a little research and a chat to Daddy-O (guru of all things DIY), we knew we needed to repoint the brickwork at the back of the fire as loads of the bricks were loose and the mortar had pretty much disappeared in some places. This would need to be done with fire cement to withstand the temperatures when the fire was lit and then the whole thing would need painting in a fire resistant paint that would withstand the temperatures.

The fire paint we chose in the end was from Amazon and was called Rustins High Heat Paint and is resistant up to 600°C and most importantly gives a matt black finish, as I didn’t want the high gloss look.

I’m not going to lie – this was all Rach’s amazing work, I was out playing rugby one Sunday and came back to a repointed fireplace that she painted the following weekend (its all about doing what you’re good at folks).

Comparison Shot: I think the fire-basket looks like new, couldn’t be happier

She painted up the fire-basket as well and it has never looked better I tell you.

Now, if you need me I’ll be reading a book, wearing fluffy socks and sitting in front of my newly restored fire.

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