Bookshelves from Heaven – Why Every House Deserves a Library

Bookshelves from Heaven – Why Every House Deserves a Library

My name is Annika and I have a small obsession with books.

Wow, feels good to get that off my chest!

Alright, I told a lie, it’s not a small obsession, it’s quite large, as is my book collection.

Which is why when we were designing our second reception room; which we refer to as the Blue Room, because, well, its blue durr; building in bookshelves to the alcoves was a must have.

I had been lusting over pictures on Pinterest of these floating shelves and tasked Rach with making my dreams a reality (can you see a theme here – I request something outlandish and Rach makes it come to life – we’re a good pair!)

Floating Shelves 2

Shelving Lust; Beth at Imperfect Interiors knows how to do it well!

Rach looked at various options and in the end we decided it could be done with thick planks of wood resting on two battens either side to support the weight of all the books.

Enter the Swiss Army knife of tradesmen, who knocked up our exact plans in a day. Paul you are a bonafide legend and I’m not sharing you with anyone!

We painted them in the same paint as the walls as I wanted them to feel part of the room and the books to really stand out, and then spent the next 6 hours organising my books into colours – this is the point Rach thought I had lost the plot, I’m not going to lie.

But check them out!

To be fair I couldn’t be happier with them. I’m still constantly faffing with the shelves, but that’s all part of the fun!

Let me know what you think, could you colour code your books or would it drive you mad that I split the Harry Potter series up to fit my whim!

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