An Introduction to Our Home

An Introduction to Our Home

Welcome,welcome, come on in and check out our money pit.

This is our Victorian Adventure in all it’s glory.

We had been searching for a house for 2 years when this one popped up on Rach’s Rightmove feed (honestly, she spent more time on that app than talking to me at some points!), and it was like the Goldilocks hunt, nothing was juuuuuust right.

We knew the geographical area we wanted due to our jobs and family, we knew the areas we did not want to live in, we knew our budget ceiling and we knew we didn’t want to pay more and get less square footage, as that didn’t make any sense to me at all.

You would think with quite well defined specifics that this would be easy, oh I forgot the last thing – we had to love it, forever love it. Moving house is expensive (fees on fees on fees – I still don’t know where all the money goes) and I wanted to do it once and do it properly, no halfway houses and moving a couple of years later, nah ah, go big or go home.

And this is why, 2 years later I was starting to get down over the fact that nothing was just quite right. We had fallen in love with a 1930’s semi 9 months earlier and put in an offer, only to be beaten at the last minute and we didn’t think it was worth more than what was offered. In true Rach fashion she reminded me that all things happen for a reason and to be patient (not my most redeeming quality).

So a quick look at what pictures there were online and in very patient Annika style I called to book a viewing the next day.

Within seconds of walking in through the net covered glass front door and onto the carpets which are a cross between my Grandmas and the local working men’s club and I was in love.

Call me mad or stupid, but when you know guys, you know. One look at the ceiling rose in the lounge and it was a done deal, this. house. had. to. be. mine.

I’d like to add that Rach was struck by the same bug, and as soon as the Estate Agents opened on the Tuesday (it was a Bank Holiday Monday – the waiting nearly killed me!) we put an offer in and the house was off the market by Wednesday afternoon – boom! Don’t mess around us Overton-Hopes I tell ya.

It ticked so many boxes for us, location wise it was just over a mile to Rach’s Mums, 10 minutes closer to her Dads and 15 minutes closer to my parents, and 3 miles to Rach’s job (I travel a lot for my job so it doesn’t make much difference to me). It was double our previous square footage, and whilst we weren’t quite looking for something this size it was too good to turn down. It was in budget and the owners wanted to move quickly as it was in probate – therefore NO CHAIN! It’s like in the movies when the soundtrack kicks in in the background and the main characters just know it’s right.

Two months later (which felt like a lifetime, but I’ve been informed that’s quick for houses) and we were in, stacked high with boxes, a bucket catching water upstairs (I would like to add that bad boy is still there, it’s a work in progress) and no hot water, but ooooh the potential.

I’ve included some floor plans for you so you can really get your head around it, but I’m sure as we move room to room you will get to know every inch of our house!

Our Victorian adventure in all it’s glory

Do you think we were mad buying something needing so much work? Would you have taken the risk? Let me know.


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