Welcome, welcome, youths of today (are we Millennial’s, Gen X, Gen Z? What do these terms even mean, why are we classifying ourselves with these silly names anyway!), if you’ve found your way here, you know who you are; you’ve worked damn hard and managed to squeeze your toes right on the bottom rung of the housing ladder and in order to do that you’ve bought a house that needs work – lots of work.

And money is tight, of course it is, so you figure, you’ve got two hands, four if you’ve got another willing participant and there are LOADS of things you can do yourself on your wonderful new home that will save you a penny or two – surely?

But where do you start, you’ve never undertaken a project like this before and your stumbling around the internet reading blogs by 50 year old men with Dad names like Geoff and Bob who are using all these fancy terms like you’re supposed to know what they mean – and someone please make it stop!

Hi, nice to meet you – we speak your language, don’t worry, and whilst I can’t promise this will be painless, I can promise it will be fun.

I’m Annika, and along with my long suffering champion of a wife, Rachel, we are renovating our money pit one room at a time as we live and work our day jobs, learn lots of new things and try not to kill each other, oh and did I mention this is our first time undertaking half of the work we do, and we have no formal training, sound familiar yet?

I like to think we make the mistakes so you don’t have to, there isn’t much we won’t try our hand at, and as we renovate, the Blog will expand with what we learn – and I promise I won’t use any fancy pants language that makes it sound more complicated than it needs to be – after all, most things just require some determination and, usually, a lump hammer.

We live in an 1875 Victorian 4 bedroom property, complete with cellar and coal bunker that has been stood in a time capsule since approximately 1962, so we have lots to do, you can read all about it here.

If there is anything you want to know about we haven’t covered yet, drop me a line at; thevictorianadventure@gmail.com and if we know the answers we will get right back to you.

We show everything we do along the way on our Instagram and I pin my interiors heart out on Pinterest if that’s your bag.

See you around