2018 – New Year, New Blog

2018 – New Year, New Blog

Blogging, how hard can it be, she says as she clicks on the millionth button and still can’t make the picture centralise on wordpress!

Ahem – Welcome!

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We’ve been on Instagram for nearly a year now, and people seem to follow our adventures, odd, I know, so I thought – Hey, Annika, you know how rubbish your spelling is and how much free time you don’t have, why don’t you try a blog, that would be great fun!

I’m hoping to use the themes running through our Instagram and expand a little on those. Show a few room transformations, general things I’m loving, tips and tricks we have learnt along the way and interact a little more with you lovely peeps!

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We are living in our house whilst we renovate, which means we basically live in a dust bowl 24/7, and whilst both working full-time jobs means we pick one room at a time and just focus on that – theory being we can contain the chaos to one area.

We are also attempting to do most of the heavy work ourselves. My brother is an electrician and we have discovered a tiler/plastered that it worth his weight in gold, but the prep work, and all the grunt work is being done by us, at evenings after work and pretty much every weekend.

Does this mean our renovation is hella slow – yes it does!

Does it mean that everything has that personal touch and we feel a real sense of accomplishment when we complete a room – so much so!

Do I wish that money grew on trees….. *ahem* obviously not.

But what I’m trying to say is you won’t find a 2 week turn around on a room renovation, you won’t find money being thrown at interior design purchases, because have you tried explaining to my wife why the wallpaper I reeeeealy need at £160 a roll is an investment – it’s not going to happen!

What you will find is a mix between thrifty DIY and trying to achieve a lux finish. You will find me desiring a milking stool for the bathroom (just because dur!) that seemed to cost a fortune everywhere and the super wife finding one on Ebay for a tenner round the corner from us.

Champagne living on a lemonade budget is what my mother would describe it as – and that’s us.

Now excuse me whilst I run and take cover and figure out how to publish this.


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