2018 Goals – A Look Ahead at the Year

2018 Goals – A Look Ahead at the Year

I’ll admit it, I’ve never been one for forward planning, all that write down your goals and you will achieve them stuff you see around. But what I am a big fan of is lists.

I am here for lists all day and all night, I’m one of those people who likes to write a couple of things at the top I’ve just done so I can tick them off – I mean I did achieve them and I want the warm rush of endorphin’s when I get to tick it off.

Making your lists jazzy is a sure fire to waste time not actually achieving anything on them

But when you are undertaking a renovation and you want to do *all of the rooms right now!* it does pay to have a bit of plan in your head, or on paper, of what rooms you want to do next. At least I can start designing those rooms in advance, rather than day dreaming about a kitchen that is 3 years down the line…

So I wrote down our 2018 plan, which rooms we will be achieving and the bullet point steps to achieve those rooms (it always looks so short in bullet points – I assure you, they lie!), and of course I made it look pretty to make myself feel better about the fact that it’s a long list of jobs that going to take ME ALL YEAR TO COMPLETE!

First up – The Cellar

I know, not the most glamorous or exciting of rooms to start the new year with, but we were slowly filling it with crap from the other rooms being done, and then we’d get to the point where it would need doing and I wouldn’t want to put the crap in my newly done rooms – so you see – logic I swear.

We also go on Honeymoon for 3 weeks in April (can I get a helllll yeah!), and so wanted something easy on the budget and quick (ha ha, like anything is ever quick in a renovation – you were kidding yourself darling).

Next Up – The Master Bedroom

Now this is more like it, and a room I’m really looking forward to completing. We currently reside in Kermit’s room, we have lime green walls, dark green carpets and darker green velvet curtains – all in all, very depressing.

Who wouldn’t want a triple green bedroom?

I cannot wait to rip it all out and put our stamp on it, and finally have somewhere to cosy up and enjoy those lazy Sunday mornings (who am I kidding, you’ve got 8 more rooms after this to complete, you won’t get your weekends back for years!).

I promise a mood board post on what I’ve got planned for this room – because trust me, its all in my mind!

Last of the Year – Bathroom Number 2

This one I’m hoping will be the easy room, as I am not a plumber or a tiler and so therefore can’t do the work ourselves.

I promised Rach she could have a bath by January next year (I’m so generous aren’t I), and this is the bathroom that will contain the roll top bath, currently known as storage area for everything we plan on car booting when the weather gets better.

I’d show you a picture, but if you can imagine a room filled to the top with overflowing boxes, with brown floral tiles in the background you’re pretty much there.

We will do all the strip down of the room (every penny counts) and then leave it to our wonderful plumber to transform it into something heavenly for us to unwind in.

So that’s it folks – the plan for the year. I definitely think 3 rooms is achievable, and I’ve taped my list up on the kitchen cabinets to spur me on although Rach hates it as it reminds her of everything she has left to do!

How do you guys feel about lists, are you a lover or hater? And do you think my 3 room plan is achievable?



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